Let’s not forget that Todd Gurley has been an MVP candidate the past two seasons. People are acting like his days are already numbered:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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There’s been a lot of speculation about what comes next for Todd Gurley? The Los Angeles Rams running back had a bad ending to the 2018 season after he started to slowdown in the playoffs. It was clear that Gurley wasn’t healthy and TMZ reported that he’s limping still to this day. While the Rams have to be concerned about that lets not forget Gurley already battled back from a knee injury (ACL) he had at the University of Georgia.

You also have to remember Gurley has been an MVP candidate the past two seasons. This is a player who’s racked up almost 4,000 yards (rushing / receiving) and 40 touchdowns over the last 24 months. How can you bet against someone who’s been the backbone of Los Angeles success? We all know Gurley has some hurdles to clear to get back to the player he once was but we can’t get caught up in C.J Anderson outperforming him in the Super Bowl and NFC Championship. Even beyond the injury you can’t forget these players are human beings and sometimes guys go through a slump. It would be shocking if Todd Gurley’s best days are already in the rear-view mirror and if that’s the case then the Rams are going to take a huge step backwards. Sean McVay’s offense all starts with the running game and then he works his playaction passes off of that. LA also paid Gurley a 4 year $60M contract so they need him to be a part of their long term plan. This is a situation which is certainly concerning for LA’s front office but Gurley will bounce back and you can expect him to be lighting it up in no time. Will it be in 2019? Who knows but sooner or later he’ll get back on track and continue to be one of the most dynamic ball carriers in all of football.

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Todd Gurley has been an MVP candidate the past two seasons and it’s hard to believe his best days are already behind him.

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