Le’Veon Bell has done everything right during his transition to New York. Despite the Jets making it very difficult for him to do so:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The New York Jets took a risk when they decided to sign Le’Veon Bell. After missing the entire 2018 season there were a lot of question marks whether or not Bell would lose a step? Being away from the sport for so long can be challenging because not only are you out of game shape but you also start to lose your mental edge.

Luckily for New York that hasn’t been the case and we should applaud Bell for how well he’s handled himself throughout all of the drama that’s been going on with the Jets. There were a lot of rumors that Adam Gase didn’t want to sign the pricey running back.However Le’Veon Bell has taken everything in stride and claims he has a great relationship with his new coach. This whole situation could’ve become combustible with how much turmoil was swirling around the organization. Yet Bell has done an incredible job with the media and smoothed over a lot of the problems they should’ve had. Truthfully it seems like Bell is in a very good place and he took these difficult circumstances and turned a negative into a positive for this ball club. Most of these issues were caused by the Jets too and Bell had to deal with all this before he even suited up for a game. So many players would’ve been upset with how unfairly they were being treated. To be able to overcome everything just goes to show how much the former Steeler has matured as a person. This was on the cusp of becoming a disaster and instead Bell has shown more leadership than the people who are in charge of the team. From here it’s about going out and putting together another great season. This guy’s goal will always be rushing for 1000 yards and hauling in at least 500 receiving yards. Because he’s been sidelined for such a long time if Bell can achieve at least one of those objectives it will be a great year for him. Regardless he’s been worth every penny up to this point and you have to tip your hat to this guy for keeping morale high during these last two months.

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The Jets have made it very difficult on Le’Veon Bell but he’s handled it great.

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