It’s looking more and more like Josh Allen will be the first rookie quarterback to start this season:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Josh Allen continues to impress at Buffalo Bills OTAs and even though he’s currently listed as the third quarterback on the depth charts it’s hard to believe he’ll stay there for long. Everyone has been raving about the Bills rookie QB and it’s only a matter of time before he’ll take over the reins. Especially when you consider the competition Allen has at the position. A.J McCarron was one of the better back ups in the National Football League but he’s only started three games throughout his entire career. If McCarron was a clear cut starter some team would’ve traded for him much sooner. Then there’s Nathan Peterman who threw for five interceptions when he had his chance to be the number one guy. So it’s not like there’s high expectations for him either. All of those signs lead to Allen who is much more physically gifted than McCarron and Peterman. By letting the rookie out of Wyoming orchestrate this offense there will be tons of big play potential. If the three quarterbacks are close talent wise it just makes sense to roll with Josh Allen. The Bills already see the seventh overall pick as their final solution and why delay Allen’s run in order to accommodate players who don’t give this team a better shot at winning? Nothing is set in stone yet but it feels like the rookie will take over sooner than expected. Remember Sean McDermott benched Tyrod Taylor for Nathan Peterman last season despite Peterman being a rookie 5th round selection. So what do you think is going to happen when McDermott has the chance to play one of the best quarterbacks in the entire 2018 draft? It’s not hard to connect the dots but give Josh Allen a ton of credit too. Beyond his arm strength he’s shown a great mental grasp of the game. It’s those combination of factors which should make Allen the first rookie QB to start in 2018.

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