The Los Angeles Chargers are making a run for the AFC West division title, they’ll have to surpass the Kansas City Chiefs to get it done:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Los Angeles Chargers absolutely dismantled the Dallas Cowboys 28-6 on Thanksgiving and it looks like LA could be gearing up for an AFC West title run. The Chiefs currently lead the division but have been on a 2 game losing streak while the Chargers have been the exact opposite riding a 2 game winning streak. Kansas City recently signed Darrelle Revis to help solidify their defense but they don’t look like the team that started the year off with 5 straight wins. Andy Reid’s team might be losing their rhythm but that opens up the door for Philip Rivers and the Chargers. Not only is the Los Angeles’ offense ranked 10th in the league with 249 points on the year. Their defense is also ranked 3rd in the league in sacks and when you take those two stats into consideration you can begin to see why this team is having success. Rivers is a top 5 quarterback, Keenan Allen is really coming alive, then you have Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram racking up sacks. All of the pieces of the puzzle are there for this ball club and the future is certainly bright. From here on out it’s about being consistent if you’re the Chargers and finding a way to put together a string of wins. That starts with those 4 players mentioned above really playing at an optimal level and leading this team through the trials ahead. One other player who has to step up during that time is Melvin Gordon. Gordon has only went over the 100 yard rushing mark twice this season and if Los Angeles wants to hit that next gear they need this guy to play out of his mind. Other than that there’s only good things to be said about the Chargers right now and this team is definitely hungry to overthrow the Chiefs.

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