A lot of former Packers are claiming Aaron Rodgers is arrogant but nobody would be saying anything if the team was winning:

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Sport Author: Jon Kuzma


It’s amazing how many people are gunning for Aaron Rodgers now that the Packers are coming off back-to-back losing seasons. Several of Rodgers’ former teammates have ripped Green Bay’s franchise quarterback for being “arrogant and self-centered.” While everyone is entitled to their own opinion one thing that is suspicious is the timing of everything. Nobody had anything bad to say about Rodgers when he was leading this team to the playoffs or the Super Bowl. Not only that but the front office hasn’t done a good enough job of getting Rodgers the help he deserves. All of these analysts want to act like the former first round round pick (Rodgers) is playing bad but his stats tell a completely different story. When has 25 touchdowns and 2 interceptions ever been underperforming? Clearly Rodgers has done an exceptional job at protecting the football and if anyone else was under center you’d see how much that meant to this ball club. If Green Bay can only win 6 games with those numbers what would happen if they had a quarterback who throws 13 or 14 interceptions a year? You can begin to see how quickly things would unravel if this guy wasn’t up there in Wisconsin. It’s just a shame that some individuals waited for the perfect moment to attack someone that was supposed to be an ally to them. Rodgers shouldn’t be all happy go lucky because he’s carrying an organization that is somewhat holding him down. He could’ve signed with any team in the NFL but he chose to stay loyal and come back to the place where it all began. So it’s frustrating to see everyone pile it on Aaron Rodgers because if they had a problem it should of been dealt with directly. Instead all of these anonymous Packers (and Jermichael Finley) went the sleazy route and it’s a poor reflection of them more so than Rodgers.

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