Lovie Smith didn’t deserve to be fired when the Bucs were on an upswing:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a very foolish decision yesterday releasing Lovie Smith who is an outstanding football coach in hopes to find the ā€œright guyā€ for this franchise. Coach Smith has a long tenured history of success in the National Football League and the fact that Jason Licht felt like he was qualified to release Lovie Smith is upsetting to not only the fans but football insiders as well. Smith was handed a team depleted of talent when he took over this Buccaneersā€™ franchise. That resulted in a 2-14 campaign Smithā€™s first year in Tampa Bay. In Smithā€™s second season he would make positive steps toward a more successful future with Winston running his offense. Yet the Buccaneers only finished the season 6-10, but you could clearly see the potential there in that situation. With a little bit more continuity over time this Buccaneers franchise was going to flourish and it was easy to see. Clearly that vision wasnā€™t foreseen by Jason Licht and now the Buccaneers are going to put learning a new system and adjusting to a new coach not only Jameis Winstonā€™s shoulders but also the rest of this football teamā€™s. The thing you want most for your players is for them to be relaxed. A relaxed athlete will react faster than a tense athlete. Meaning a player that has to overthink tends to be slower on the field than a player that flows naturally with the game. The Buccaneers were at the point where they were just flowing naturally with the game. The system they were taught they were all just buying into. At the end of the day it isnā€™t a good idea to change things when they are finally beginning to work. That is exactly what the Tampa Buccaneers did and there is an old saying ā€œif itā€™s not broke, donā€™t fix it.ā€ We will see where the Buccaneers go from here and who they feel is better suited to lead this franchise than Lovie Smith.

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