Is Andrew Luck’s career over? We’re at the start of mini-camp and Luck still hasn’t thrown a football:

Photo credit: Jonathan Daniel

Author: Jon Kuzma

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Andrew Luck has been out of the picture and hanging out behind the scenes for the last year with the Colts. We all know Indianapolis is a tough team to beat with Luck on the field but lately his status has been a distraction for this organization. Everyone wants to know if Andrew Luck is alright and whether or not he’s going to play anytime soon? The truth is Luck has yet to throw a regular sized football and that tells you he is further away then the Colts would like to admit. It’s going to take at least a couple of months for the 28 year old QB to get back to his regular self as far as throwing the football goes. All of the muscles in his shoulder (deltoids, traps, biceps, and triceps) must get their range of motion back and the strength to deliver the ball with velocity. When Luck is healthy the reps he receives in practice help him fine tune his accuracy and throwing power. Right now though Luck is far from healthy and he’s in the recovery stage. Which automatically drops the Colts quarterback to at least 50-75% of what he is normally capable of doing arm wise. So Jacoby Brissett is probably a better option than throwing Luck to the wolves where he could further injure his nagging shoulder. All of this brings us to our next point which is Indianapolis has a very big problem on their hands. Suddenly Luck’s future is in serious doubt because he can’t seem to get back on the field. Another whole season on the sidelines isn’t going to sit well with anyone in the front office or with this fan base. At the same time though it doesn’t seem like Andrew Luck is ready and why should he rush back to meet our demands which will only put him in danger. The two sides have contradicting agendas and the biggest underlining factor is Luck doesn’t seem in good enough shape to go. Which could wind up being another whole season down the drain.

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Andrew Luck still hasn’t thrown a football.

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