Can the Chiefs turn the page on the Alex Smith era? They can if Patrick Mahomes lives up to the hype:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Kansas City Chiefs find themselves in an unusual situation now that Alex Smith is no longer with the team. Smith was the face of the Chiefs franchise for the past five seasons but that torch is being passed to second year Quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes has gained a reputation as a gunslinger and that goes all the back to senior of high school when he threw for 50 touchdowns. Then at Texas Tech Mahomes eventually dethroned Davis Webb for the starting quarterback job. After assuming command the 6ā€™3 230 pound signal caller (Mahomes) threw for over 11,000 yards and 90 touchdowns during his time in Lubbock. Those early indications tell a story of what this guy is capable of and now he takes over the reins for the Chiefs with a ton of upside. Itā€™s highly probable that Mahomes will eventuallyĀ light it up but how long will it take before he becomes an elite player? If Kansas City has to wait a whole season before that happens they might miss Alex Smith a little bit. If their new 22 year old quarterback hits the ground running though things could be even better from the get go. So thereā€™s a lot of fluctuation there in terms of what could happen for Patrick Mahomes? Weā€™ve already heard early on that heā€™s been struggling a little bit at OTAs and that has to be a concern for Andy Reid. Sammy Watkins publicly backed Mahomes to downplay the young QBs errors but the last thing you want to see is a player struggling in practice. Look everyone knows Mahomes is going to be a great leader someday because he just has a natural ability. Regardless though that development takes time and weā€™ve seen guys like Aaron Rodgers wait three seasons before getting theirĀ shot. The question is did Reid thrust Mahomes into the starting job before he’s ready? If he did then the Chiefs will suffer butĀ if the first year starter pans out Kansas City will forget about Alex Smith very quickly.

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Chiefs Football: Anything is possible if Patrick Mahomes lives up to the hype.

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