Malcolm Jenkins toughness helped tip the odds in the Philadelphia Eagles favor:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Back Malcolm Jenkins has been known for being a playmaker and a leader his entire career but boy did he show up on the biggest stage in sports. The Super Bowl is enough to make any player nervous but Jenkins continued to play excellent football. First there is this guy’s ability to read and diagnose a play. Then there’s the physicality which we seen on the hit against Brandon Cooks. That play knocked one of New England’s top players out of the game and really helped keep some points off the board. Later on in the game Jenkins also came up in run support and completely obliterated a Patriots ball carrier. The running back on that play ended up getting flipped upside and those highlights tell you just how effective Jenkins is not only as a pass defender but also as an extra defender in run support. The other dynamic is the fact that Jenkins is always a vocal leader. He does a great job of getting of his teammates to rally around him. Those intangibles mean a lot more than most people would like to acknowledge. Now that Jenkins is 30 years old he is mentoring a lot of the younger guys in that locker room and showing them not only how to be a member of the NFL workforce but also how to be a man. Leadership like this sets a good precedent for the other individuals affiliated with the program and it’s not surprising at all the Eagles won with Doug Pederson, Chris Long, and Malcolm Jenkins. Those are first class human beings and they worked extremely hard to give this gift to the city of Philadelphia. Jeffrey Lurie (Eagles owner) made a good point by saying “this team truly trusted one and other.” There’s no doubt about that and Malcolm Jenkins was huge for the culture Philly has cultivated during his time there.

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