Should the Titans start Malik Willis to keep Derrick Henry happy? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


Derrick Henry is the Titans best player. This team has a chance to win a Super Bowl if he’s there. That’s why the Titans should think about starting Malik Willis. If Willis can make things fun again. Think about what that’s going to do for Derrick Henry. It’s going to keep him motivated to play for this team for the rest of his career. And can you imagine what that would do for the Titans? They’d be the best running team in the NFL. It would be the same thing that happened when Lamar Jackson took over the Ravens. Right now the Titans are missing out on big plays that they could have if Willis was starting. If it’s more exciting for the fans. And it’s the choice that will keep Henry around for the long haul. Then what are the Titans waiting for?

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