Manning is the weakest quarterback remaining in the postseason:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

It’s very rare that Peyton Manning is the worst quarterback in the playoffs. In 2016 that is the case this year. After Manning broke Brett Favre’s record and became the most accomplished passer of all time in terms of yardage. Manning got injured, lost his job, and threw for 9 touchdowns and 17 interceptions in the regular season. By some stroke of luck the Denver Broncos decided that giving Manning the nod for the postseason would be the best solution for this team. That couldn’t be further from the truth honestly. Brock Osweiler flat out had a more successful year than Manning did, and essentially willed the Broncos to the postseason. For the Broncos to turn the page on Osweiler when they desperately needed him just several weeks ago is a harsh move by the franchise. We know Peyton Manning is most likely done after this season. So why start the quarterback that the team has no future with? Not to mention Osweiler is a free agent this offseason. You would think with Osweiler proving he is a talented quarterback the Broncos would want to keep the young signal caller in their good graces. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Denver though. They believe Manning with his deep mental understanding of the game is a better suited option for this offense. Remember last year when Manning refused to come out of the game when the Broncos were blowing out the Oakland Raiders? Essentially cutting into Osweiler’s garbage time late in the fourth quarter. It’s things like that and benching Osweiler for Manning entering the playoffs that are going to drive Osweiler out the door this offseason. Would you want to work for an employer who clearly didn’t look out for your well being? Absolutely not, and don’t expect Osweiler to be back in Denver. If Denver would of started Osweiler not only would they have had a shot to do exactly what they’re doing now. Osweiler would of been leaps and bounds better next year in the postseason. Due to the development he would undergo this postseason. Manning is a great player, but he is a player of the past. His best days are behind him and it’s always a good thing to look to the future. The things you do today set you up for tomorrow. The Denver Broncos clearly don’t understand that. That is why they have the worst starting quarterback out of the 4 teams remaining. Hopefully for Denver’s fans sake the defense can pull out some victories. Because it’s very unlikely at this point of his career that Manning will be putting the team on his back and having those dominant 5 touchdown pass performances we’ve seen in previous years. It’s just past his time.

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