Manziel impresses in his first start of 2015 as Brown top Titans:


Photo credit: Erik Drost

Manziel looked good in his first start of the 2015 season. After Josh McCown was sidelined with a concussion the young Manziel showed glimpses of why the Browns drafted him in the first round. While Manziel completed just 8 passes for the Browns. Two of them were touchdown passes which helped lead the Browns to victory over the Titans. The match was highly anticipated because it pitted Manziel versus Marcus Mariota. The second pick overall in the 2015 draft and a player who threw for four touchdowns in week one. In fact all the praise was on Mariota coming into this week, while people drew questions marks when speaking about Manziel. Well that all changed when they got on the field. Manziel’s two touchdowns passes were brought in by Browns receiver Travis Benjamin. Benjamin has been on fire for the Browns scoring four out of their five touchdowns this season. The offense in Cleveland is clearly more dynamic when Manziel is at the helm. While the team likes McCown, that first touchdown score was just a play Josh McCown will never be able to make. It would be in the Browns best interest to allow Manziel to continue to lead this team regardless if McCown comes back this week from his concussion or not. When things arenā€™t broke you shouldnā€™t try to fix things and clearly the Browns are not broke with Johnny Football at the helm. It will be exciting to see what decision the team makes and if they do decide to start Manziel,will he continue to play at a high level like he did against the Titans? All signs seem to point to him continuing to progress. The number 2 jersey should be selling well this season out in Cleveland. Now if he just make this club a winning football team the whole state of Ohio will hail him.


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