Marcus Peters was dominant in 2015 and that is why he is the Defensive Rookie of the Year:

Photo credit: Jamie Squire

Author: Jon Kuzma

Marcus Peters was an outstanding defensive back at the University of Washington. He made a name for himself during his time in Seattle by managing to develop himself into a superior athlete. At 6 feet 197 pounds Peters was often praised for his athleticism and ability to get physical with opposing wide receivers. When the Kansas City Chiefs selected Peters with the 18th overall pick the team had a beat on his abilities. However not even the Chiefs could have predicted how smoothly Marcus Peters would make the transition to the NFL level. Then the time finallyĀ came, week 1 of the regular season. When everything really started to matter in terms of pro football and Petersā€™ career. How did the defensiveĀ backĀ do in his NFL debut? During the course of the regular season Peters was able to haul in 8 interceptions. That made Peters tied for 1st place in the league with Reggie Nelsons for total interceptions. Itā€™s easy to see Peters is a game changing athlete and he was good enough to be the best in the league in his first year of action. They say players make the biggest strides in their second season. Peters should only continue to get better and itā€™s scary how good this guy could end up being. Running a 4.53 40 yard dash might have scared some teams away that wanted anĀ absolute burner at their cornerback position with sub 4.5 times. Itā€™s Peters instincts though that make him such a dynamic football player. The guy is a true student of the game and understands how to jam receivers, reroute receivers, and use leverage to his advantage. Not only that he has scored two defense touchdowns in 2015 as well. Showing that he can put poinst on the board for the Chiefs while the team is on defense. Players that can do that are rare weapons that executives in the league drool over. Andy Reid certainly made the right pick by going defense at the number 18 pick and landing Marcus Peters. Now coach Reid will benefit from Peters play for years to come. This guy has a bright future.

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