With Martellus Bennett claiming 89% of NFL players smoke marijuana. It’s overwhelmingly obvious that the league should reevaluate their policies regarding the substance:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Martellus Bennett made a shocking claim recently that 89% of NFL players smoke marijuana. Bennett stated that most players use the substance as a treatment to counteract the punishment they take over their playing careers. While pro athletes have used marijuana in plenty of other sports the reason this so significant is because the league has been firmly against the use of the drug. Therefore reevaluating the league’s policies on marijuana has to be considered because you can’t enforce a rule that none of the players are following. If what Bennett is saying is true then there wouldn’t even be an NFL if the people at the league office really cracked down on the substance. Roger Goodell and the higher ups working for the shield have danced around this issue long enough and it’s time those people make a shift in their approach towards marijuana use. The NBA has already started the trend of avoiding punishment when it comes to players and cannabis. It’s makes a lot of sense from their brand’s stand point because nobody wants their favorite player to miss a game for something as trivial as smoking pot. Basketball players don’t take nearly the abuse that pro football players take either so it’s important that Goodell takes that into consideration. There’s no sense in having players like Martavis Bryant and Josh Gordon being sidelined from action just because they are trying to treat themselves. To be honest this is beyond the NFL having a conservative view on the drug it’s about keeping up with modern times and the changing of opinions towards the plant. With eight states legalizing marijuana for recreational use the NFL is trying to turn their back on what the people / voters have chosen to approve. Goodell and the people in charge can’t continue to be so out of touch with the employees who make up their business because sooner or later that’s going to come to a boiling point. Bennett could be the catalyst for change and you have to respect that he shed light on the issue. It takes courage to tell it like it is.

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