Martha Firestone Ford shows she is a winner:

Photo credit: Leon Halip / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

When Martha Firestord Ford seized control of the Detroit Lions many people in the Detroit area didnā€™t know what to expect. They figured they would be getting the same old production as William Clay Ford Sr. gave the team. However Martha believe it or not is more hands on than William ever was. When things were going south early on in the season for the Detroit Lions. Instead of letting the situation play out and ending up 0-16 like the Lions did in 2008. Martha instead took action. She fired the team President Tom Lewand and General Manager Martin Mayhew after the team stumbled to a 1-7 start. What stands out most about that move is the fact that Firestone Ford wants to win now. Rather than wait around for things to get better she decided shaking things up was the best solution. That has resulted in the team turning it around and now the Lions are sitting at 6-9 on the season now. Showing that Firestone Fordā€™s determination to win had a ripple effect throughout the team. They say it starts from the top and trickles down well if that is the case the lions should be happy. They seem to have a lionhearted leader as theirĀ owner. One other thing that stands out about Martha Firestone Ford is the fact that when the team was struggling. She wrote a letter to season ticket holders with one underlining message. ā€œYou deserve betterā€. It was clear Martha Firestone Ford was going to go above and beyond to give the Motor City a true winner. Just like her grandfather Harvey Firestone breathed life into the tire and rubber business. Martha Firestone Ford is breathing life into the Detroit Lions. Something Lions fans should be pleased with. Martha is doing her due diligence.

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