Melvin Gordon must get better in 2016 or his career will be over before it started:

Photo credit: Jonathan Daniel

Author: Jon Kuzma

Melvin Gordon was one of the most prolific running backs in all of college football just a couple seasons ago and that is why the Chargers selected Gordon 15th overall in the 1st round of the 2015 draft. That move was supposed to bolster the Chargers’ rushing efforts and make life easier on quarterback Philip Rivers. Instead the Chargers finished 31st in yards gained through rushing the football and were forced to throw more often due to the ineffectiveness of their ground game. Now with Gordon entering his second season of NFL action it’s officially do or die for his professional career. Gordon finished his rookie season with only 641 rushing yards and didn’t have a touchdown or a 100 yard rushing performance in a single game. That is completely lackluster for a 1st round pick and the complete opposite of how Gordon played at Wisconsin where he was able to rush for 4,915 yards and 45 touchdowns over the duration of his college career. That won’t sit well very long with the Chargers and Gordon now finds himself in a position where he has to prove his worth or he might be out of a job rather quickly. Gordon was also out performed by teammate Danny Woodhead and if that happens again in 2016, you’d have to think that the team moves forward with Woodhead as the full time starter. The one good thing going for Gordon is the fact he acknowledged he didn’t produce enough last season. Gordon stated that he “sucked” as a rookie and that ability to own up to his let downs might mean he can address those shortcomings on the gridiron. If he does everything right in the off-season and takes his training regimen seriously there is no reason Gordon can’t get back to playing at a high level of football. Regardless the success must come on the field and it has to come in 2016 for Gordon or the “bust” word will be coming into play. Something no draft pick wants to be labeled as.

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