Miami had a chance to get out of Ryan Tannehill’s contract this offseason. The Dolphins are going to regret not exercising that option because they’ll owe Tannehill $43 million over the next three seasons:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Miami found themselves in an interesting situation when it came to Quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s future. Tannehill is coming off an ACL injury and that has to be a big concern for Head coach Adam Gase. It’s one thing to go all in on quarterback who seems like a middle of the pack type of player but when that QB is also red flagged because of injuries it’s extremely foolish. Now to be fair $14M per season isn’t that much for a starting quarterback’s salary in the National Football League. The problem is trying to force Tannehill into that star role. Ryan Tannehill is good at best and even though stats wise he’s been above average. It just doesn’t feel like he is a strong enough leader to command the locker room and elevate this team over the hump. Tannehill is a slightly less talented version of Kirk Cousins and the biggest problem is the fact that the former Texas A and M alum doesn’t have elite level arm strength which is critical at the pro level. Sure Ryan Tannehill can make a few deep throws look pretty here and there but it’s not anything like Matthew Stafford and it’s far below Joe Flacco and Cousins. The result of that is not enough plays being made for the Dolphins offense and Tannehill also struggles when the pressure is on. Jay Cutler made $10M in Miami for the 2017 season. That’s exactly how much Tannehill is worth and it’s just another poor decision by the Dolphins. The sad thing is South Florida is always going to be a recruiting advantage when it comes to luring in free agents. Bad decisions like signing Ryan Tannhill to a 4 year $77M dollar contract and not getting out that deal this past offseason when they had a clause in their agreement which would have allowed them to do so, are essentially the reasons why this organization continues to struggle each year. Miami’s decision makers consistently make the wrong choice and that causes other players to avoid signing with their team.

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The Dolphins are going to regret not getting out of Ryan Tannehill’s contract.

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