The Miami Dolphins were mediocre with a high payroll in 2015:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Miami Dolphins went through a hectic year in 2015. They started out with high hopes after signing Ndamukong Suh to a 114 million dollar contact. The team was also optimistic about inking quarterback Ryan Tannehill to a 77 million dollar contract. Owner Stephen Ross opened the checkbook for his team and he expected to yield results for those commitments. The team failed to provide those returns however and out the gate they stumbled under head coach Joe Philbin. The team decided to release Philbin from his contract after a 1-3 start hoping to gain better leadership. Miami then turned to Dan Campbell who temporarily added a spark to the team winning the next two games. However the team would go 3 and 7 after those first two initial wins. It was clear to Dolphins management that in order to compete in 2016 they needed to look outside of their franchise and bring in a candidate that would fit the direction they were looking to take the team. That wouldnā€™t be an easy feat when you consider the Dolphins have the 5th worst cap space scenario in the league. Meaning the Dolphins would have to build their team up with very limited funds to spend entering their new head coachā€™s era. The team went on to hire Adam Gase former offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears. Gase has gained recognition as a brilliant player caller and ultimately got the vote of confidence from Stephen Ross. It must be stated though it is hard to win games in the National Football league with a roster depleted of talent, regardless of how good your head coach truly is. In order for Gase to have the success he yearns for he will have to find a way to keep free agents Lemar Miller and Olivier Vernon from skipping town. Not to mention find a way to also attract other free agents into choosing Miami as a landing spot. The team has already discussed the idea of scaling back Ndamukong Suhā€™s contract just a year after inking the defensive lineman. A move that would free up cap space for the Dolphins and allow them to maneuver more freely this offseason. Donā€™t expect Suh to be too optimistic about restricting his contract, they made a commitment to him and he will expect the Dolphins to honor that commitment. The Dolphins have a lot of problems and most of them revolve around finances and cap space. That could be a lingering issue for some time to come. We will seeĀ how Gase can manage those finacial problems.

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