The Miami Dolphins stock is trending downward and Adam Gase is on the cusp of being on the hot seat:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Miami Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase has decided to have a firesale on all of the Miami Dolphins talent. Players like Jarvis Landry, Ndamukong Suh, and Jay Ajayi were sent packing which has resulted in a lot less wins in South Beach. Gaseā€™s plan is to cutdown on salary cap and build a brighter future but the Dolphins head coach is failing to understand how the NFL operates in todayā€™s era. Owners at the professional level want to win now and have zero patience for a plan that involves a lot of foresight. Those billions elites have seen enough teams turn around instantaneously and wouldĀ to be apart of a similar success. While Gase is clearly a cerebral guy and thatā€™s evident with his offensive execution and brilliant xs and os. At the end of the day Miami has depleted most of their roster and the acquisitions they’ve made arenā€™t enough to get the job done. Aging veterans such as Frank Gore, Josh Sitton, and Danny Amendola don’t set this team up to take the next step. The Dolphins really needed to take a quarterback in this past draft as well. This organization could have at least made an attempt at Mason Rudolph in the 3rd round especially with Ryan Tannehill returning from an ACL tear. Not only was that a big whiff,Ā this front officeĀ really missed out onĀ Vita Vea in the first round. Vea would have provided an impact on the front end of the defense where the game is won. With Suh out of the line up thereā€™s going to be a huge regression in Miamiā€™s ability to stop the run and rush the passer. Thereā€™s a hard lesson coming to South Florida this season which is donā€™t overhaul your roster too much. The name of the game is collecting the best players available and thatā€™s why teams like the Eagles and Rams are going to compete for a Super Bowl while franchises like the Dolphins and Jets will struggle just to get by.

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