Micah Hyde has been extremely consistent the last three seasons, Buffalo is lucky to have him in their secondary:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Buffalo Bills are in the thick of a playoff hunt and they are luckily to have Micah Hyde in their secondary too. Hyde has been a ball hawk all season long recording 5 interceptions for the Billsā€™ defense. Micah Hyde had six interceptions in his final two seasons in Green Bay before signing with the Bills. So 11 interceptions over the last three seasons is really impressive and itā€™s about time we start recognizing Hyde as one of the best in the business coverage wise. Most strong safeties are players that are a little bit of a liability when it comes to pass defense but Hyde has great instincts and knows how to finish a play. That has allowed the 5th year defender to break the mold of the traditional strong safety which is often thought as a player you can drop in the box and play like an extra linebacker. Reshad Jones has been the best strong safety in all of football the last several years but Hyde is quickly closing the gap. Anytime you start to get above 5 interceptions per season thatā€™s when you know a defensive back is having a breakout year. Hyde has to do everything he can to grab a couple more picks against the Patriots and Dolphins to really make it a productive campaign. The other thing that Micah Hyde must do is keep producing next season and the following year as well. A couple more years of this type of play and Hyde could take the crown as the best strong safety in the National Football League. Reshad Jones, Kam Chancellor, and T.J Ward are all players whose careers are winding down. That opens the door for a younger guy like Micah Hyde to claim the title. The Bills got it right when they lured Hyde away from the Green Bay Packers and what a coincidence Buffalo is on the cusp of going to the postseason. Itā€™s because takeaways are the name of the game and Micah Hyde causes a whole lot of turnovers.

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