Mike Williams and Corey Davis are the best wide receivers in the 2017 draft class:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

There are plenty of talented players that are going to come out of the 2017 NFL Draft but as far as wide receivers go there are none more talented than Mike Williams and Corey Davis. Most people know Mike Williams from his big game in the National Championship. In that game Williams recorded 94 receiving yards and 1 touchdown to lead Clemson past the Alabama Crimson Tide. Williams was hands down the most explosive receiver on the field that night and he has a real opportunity to be an immediate impact player in the National Football League. At 6’3 225 pounds Williams is the ideal size for an NFL receiver as well. Williams will be taller than most NFL cornerbacks and he has the skill set to make NFL defenses consistently pay. Williams proved that last season when he recorded 1,361 yards and 11 touchdowns against some of the best teams in the country. Those opponents were tougher than the opponents Corey Davis faced and that’s one thing Williams has going in his favor. However when you’re talking about Corey Davis, you have to acknowledge the production Davis has put up. Corey Davis has 5,285 receiving yards over the course of collegiate career compared to Williams 2,727. Corey Davis has averaged 1,321 yards a year ever since he stepped foot in Kalamazoo as a freshman. The only knock being, Davis did this against M.A.C opponents who are less talented than the A.C.C opponents that Williams faced. So there are definitely pros and cons for both players and right now it looks like Williams will likely go first. Make no mistake about it though Corey Davis can play too and there is a reason his stats pop out at you when you do a little research on him. Davis is 6’3 213 pounds so he is a tad smaller than Williams, regardless though either player will be a solid pick for an NFL franchise. It feels like the Titans will be the first team to take a wide receiver in the draft, keep an eye out on whether Tennessee goes with Mike Williams or if they row the boat with Corey Davis?

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