The Minnesota Vikings can only go as far as Teddy Bridgewater takes them:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

When Teddy Bridgewater was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings, many executives around the league were optimistic. Bridgewater was an outstanding player at the University of Louisville and the Vikings were looking to find a quarterback that could take them further than Christian Ponder could. However as good as Bridgewater has been in some ways, he still hasnā€™t been good enough to get the Vikings where they need to be. That is deep in the postseason and back into Super Bowl contention. Yes, the Vikings made it to the playoffs and yes they should of beat the Seattle Seahawks. The thing is though, Bridgewater must be more convincing as a passer in order for the Minnesota Vikings to take that next step. More convincing would be games with 4 touchdown passes with no interceptions, and more convincing would be 30 touchdown passes a season and only 10 interceptions. When Bridgewater is able to put up those kind of stats consistently then you will truly see this team start to soar. Maybe that means bringing in more talented players around him. Such as a wide receiver who can help him properly distribute the ball better and an offensive lineman to protect him. Maybe that is just letting Bridgewater grow within his role as the teams starting quarterback. Bridgewater is entering his 3rd season as a pro but he should of progressed a little bit more than he did last season. The Vikings enjoy relying on Adrian Petersonā€™s legs but the team will sooner or later have to lean on their quarterback to win games in the postseason. While you know head coach Mike Zimmer wants to load up on defense, donā€™t be surprised to see the team take a wide receiver in one of the early rounds to help make Bridgewaterā€™s job easier. The team didnā€™t have a single receiver crack the 1,000 yard receiving mark last year and adding a player with that potential will give this offense a significant boost. That will make Bridgwaterā€™s life as a signal caller that much easier and put the Vikings in a better position to succeed. Remember the Vikings are a talented ball club but they can only go as far as Teddy Bridgewater takes them.

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