The Minnesota Vikings made a risky move by going all in on Stefon Diggs and signing him to a five year $72M dollar contract:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Minnesota Vikings like what theyā€™ve seen out of Stefon Diggs so far and now theyā€™re locking up one their top offensive weapons for the next five seasons. Diggs will earn $72 million dollars throughout his next contract and thatā€™s a huge risk on the Vikings behalf. Diggs will pull in $14M annually and thatā€™s concerning because the former Maryland alum has never hauled in 1,000 yards, 100 receptions, or 10 touchdowns in a single year. Not to mention Adam Thielen seems like the teamā€™s true number one pass catcher so you have to wonder if this was the right move for Minnesota? This guy is being paid like a top ten receiver in the National Football League and while he has tremendous upside thereā€™s some development Diggs still must undergo. If the 24 year old doesnā€™t pan out then the Vikings will be overpaying for a good player. Obviously thatā€™s no too bad of a deal for this team because it could be way worse. The other unsettling thing about Diggs is his lack of size. Heā€™s only 6ā€™0 191 pounds and that smaller frame might not hold up against some of the big hits that comes with playing professional football. At the same time though thereā€™s a reason Diggs did get this extension. Heā€™s a playmaker and has shown some consistency for the Vikings passing game. After three solid seasons Diggs also caught the Minnesota Miracle so with all of those plays on his highlight reel that ended up being enough for Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer to take a chance on the speedy receiver. With another piece of the puzzle locked up for the foreseeable future now this organization can focus on taking care of all the other guys who need a new deal. Still though you have to walk away from this agreement and wonder did the Vikings pay too much?

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The Minnesota Vikings made a risky move by re-signing Stefon Diggs. It seems like they’re overpaying him.

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