Monster payday. Michael Thomas is going to reset the wide receiver market with a $20M contract:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Itā€™s a great honor to be the highest paid person in any profession and New Orleans Saints playmaker Michael Thomas is on the verge of breaking the bank with a $20M contract. That would make Thomas the highest earning wide receiver in the National Football League and itā€™s well deserved for a player who hasnā€™t skipped a beat since turning pro back in 2016.

The sure handed and reliable Thomas has been Drew Brees number one target for the past three years. After recording 3,787 yards during that span it was the right time for the former Ohio State Buckeye to cash in. Which is why his agent Andrew Kessler is adamant that his client doesnā€™t settle for anything less than $20M. The Saints were hoping to save a million or two and get this deal done in the $18M-$19M range. Clearly Thomas is opposed to giving out a discount and we saw Russell Wilson make a similar move this off-season in Seattle. Both Wilson and Thomas know their worth and how risky it is to step out onto the field without a new contract in their hands. These players are becoming more business savvy everyday and itā€™s finally taking a little bit of power away from the teams whoā€™ve always had everything tilted in their favor. Society is also embracing this change and they have no problem if that quarterback, wide receiver, etc. has earned it. You know the Saints want to get this deal done ASAP and avoid any distractions heading into the regular season.

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