Moving Clay Matthews back to outside linebacker is a good move by the Packers:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Green Bay Packers have decided that moving Clay Matthews back to outside linebacker would be the best move for their football team. Matthews played inside linebacker in 2015 and while he was still productive at the position, his talents are best suited at the outside linebacker position where he can do what he does best rush the passer. Moving Matthews back outside should result in at least a 10 sack season from the former USC linebacker and that added pass rush will go a long way for the Packers defense. It will also keep Matthews out of the middle of the field where he frequently has to engage offensive lineman. Hopefully that will prevent Matthews from taking as many shots and will also keep him healthier in the long run. Matthews is clearly one of Green Bayā€™s best players and when you pair him along with Julius Peppers on the edge. Bad things are going to happen to opposing quarterbacks. With the NFL becoming such a pass first football league lately, those two players are critical for Green Bayā€™s success. If they want to get back to the Super Bowl they will have to be able to dominate defensively. The first step in that direction is optimizing Clay Matthewā€™s talents and that is ultimately why were are seeing this move take place. Kenny Clark will be able to come in and control both A gaps so that means you can use other linebackers in the middle spots. The Green Bay Packers front office and coaching staff clearly recognized this and youā€™d have to think Matthews is happy about the move. Outside backer is a much more finesse position than the insider linebacker spots. Which require players to be tougher and fill holes in the running game. Truthfully Clay Matthews should have never even played inside backer but that is what the team felt like they needed to do at the time. That is the past though and this is now, keep an eye on the impact this position change has on Clay Matthews and the Packers in 2016.

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