Myles Garrett is persuading Jerry Jones to trade up with the Browns to draft him:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Myles Garrett is easily one of the most gifted players in this year’s NFL Draft and Garrett isn’t being shy about where he wants to play next season. Garrett told ESPN that he wants to stay in his home state of Texas and play for the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have the number 28th pick so they would have to give up a significant amount of players and picks to get the number 1 overall pick in the draft from Cleveland. Garrett then suggested giving up Tony Romo and a couple picks could be the route Dallas goes in order to obtain the Texas A and M pass rusher. While no one knows if Cleveland would be interested in a deal like that, you have to respect Garrett for being honest about what he is feeling. It seems very apparent Myles Garrett isn’t too thrilled about becoming a Cleveland Brown. He wouldn’t have made a statement like this if he was enthusiastic about playing for the Browns next year. Garrett also stated that he doesn’t want to play in a cold weather city, so that is another big indicator that this guy flat out doesn’t want to go to Cleveland. Truthfully who could blame him the Browns are known for killing people’s careers and the Cowboys were one of the best teams in all of football last year. When you factor in that every kid in Texas grows up dreaming about being a Dallas Cowboy someday. You begin to see where the ideal landing spot for Myles Garrett is. If you’re the Cleveland Browns sitting with the number 1 pick, your best move is to trade down and get everything you can for Myles Garrett. Garrett doesn’t want to play for you and it’s best you get players who are truly excited about joining your organization. Trading down will also allow the Browns to continue to load up on draft picks and it will also give this team a chance to overhaul their roster sooner rather than later. We will see if Cleveland drafts a reluctant player or if they try to deal him away?

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