The National Football League is keeping their attendance problems on the hush:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Pro football kicked off their new season with a great weekend of hard hitting action but there were some concerns if you’re the National Football League. The two most obvious situations for the league were the fact that the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers were suffering from low attendance. While the NFL released attendance stats that said both games sold plenty of tickets, if you were actually watching the events you would have saw that each stadium was only half full. The NFL could be losing fans for a number of reasons but instead of speculating whether or not this happened because of Colin Kapeernick or kneeling players we have to examine a few angles. First both teams were California teams and you have to wonder if the people from the Golden State were just occupied doing something else. In California there are more attractions to compete with and football can sometimes be secondary compared to places like Texas that live and breathe the game. The Rams also are a new team so they are still developing their fan base in the LA community and they have a reason if things aren’t transitioning smoothly to their new home. The 49ers on the other hand are very concerning, this is a team that has always had a lot of prestige. Kaepernick used to play for the 49ers so his movement definitely could be playing a role in San Francisco’s ability to draw fans. Yet you would figure there is still enough support for the team based on their past success, at least enough to fill an entire stadium for a regular season opener. The other major theory for lack of fan interest could be the fact that football is being attacked lately for all of the injuries and health issues that come with playing the sport. Maybe fans want to see the brutality that comes with the game put to an end? Whatever the reason the NFL seems to have a problem on their hands and the league can’t afford any errors rights now. The American people are watching and it’s clear they are becoming annoyed with some of the ways the National Football League conducts itself.

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