Ndamukong Suh is going to be released by the Miami Dolphins. There will be a number of teams looking to sign the veteran defensive tackle:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Miami Dolphins are parting ways with Ndamukong Suh for cap reasons and Miami will save roughly $17 million because of that move. The Dolphins front office might be selling the release of Suh as a culture change but really it’s about clearing some cap space to bring more players aboard. That’s going to help Miami disperse additional talent at the other positions on the field. Obviously the Dolphins will be weakened on the defensive line in Suh’s absence though. What’s next for Ndamukong Suh will remain a mystery as well? At 31 years old there’s no doubt the former 2nd overall pick (2010) has some gas left in the tank. Suh only recorded 4.5 sacks this past year but keep in mind he plays an interior defensive line position and is often double teamed. This guy is still a disruptive force and going to a new team might be a much needed fresh start for the former University of Nebraska stand out. Suh is actually from Portland Oregon so it’s possible he’ll want to go out West to be closer to his family. Another option might be going back to Detroit where the fans would welcome Suh with open arms. One look at the veteran defensive tackle’s Instagram comments will tell you how much the people of Michigan would like to have the big fella back. While that might be overlooked as nonsense sometimes having a whole city embrace you is huge for a player’s comfort level. No team in the NFL can offer Ndamukong Suh a true welcome home moment like the sports minded folks of Detroit can. Another possible option is the San Francisco 49ers who still have $64 million in resources available. The 49ers are on the rise and would benefit greatly from the additions of Richard Sherman and Suh. Not only that it’s only a two hour flight to back to Portland. There’s plenty of other possibilities on the table for the Cameroon and Jamaican Superstar these are just a few likely scenarios.

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