New Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson is everything Chip Kelly isnā€™t:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Philadelphia Eagles will have a new face roaming the sideline when the season rolls around. That new face will be Head Coach Doug Pederson. Pederson who was formerly the offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs brings the exact opposite approach that Chip Kelly brought last year. Pederson is much more conventional than Kelly and it seemsĀ like the Eagles players see that as a relief. Kelly put emphasis on tempo and excelling within the specific shotgun formation system he built. While coach Pederson tends to spend more time under center, and has a time of possession offense. That change in philosophy will have a huge impact for the Eagles because now their defense can get longer rests. The offense is going to huddle under Pederson, and they are going to trust their running game. That means the Eagles offense will have less 3 and outs which is something the team needed to improve in. They had 45 3 and out possessions in 2015 and the defense is on the field too long when that happens. The other noticeable thing about Doug Pederson is he seems like a much more outgoing person than Chip Kelly is. Pederson is more upbeat with his players and that seems to be having a positive impact on the team. After going 7-9 last season the environment around the team seems to be a little more laid back and we will see if that translates into more wins in 2016. Pederson has a very professional approach and the Eagles are clearly moving away from the college approach. So there are a number of factorsĀ that could help trigger positive results for Philly and now itā€™s about adding as much talent as they can to the roster. That way their new head coach will have the best chance for success and things can end better than they did under their last head coach.

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