The New England Patriots preach about doing your job and playing till the whistle. Which is why Chase Winovich is a perfect fit for their system:

Photo credit: Rey Del Rio

Author: Jon Kuzma

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The New England Patriots were thinking about making Chase Winovich cut his hair but other than that the rookie is a perfect fit for Bill Belichickā€™s system.

You always hear Belichick preach about ā€œdoing your jobā€ and Winovich is someone who takes his responsibilities very seriously on the football field. When this guy is on the edge not only will he rush the passer, Winovich will also contain the play. A defense needs a handful of players who understand how to do this or their opponents will be able to score too easily on outside run plays. Once a ball carrier gets to the sidelines is usually bad news for the other side because theyā€™ve outrun the pursuit. Thatā€™s not happening on Chase Winovichā€™s side and when you combine that with a high motor it makes for an athlete who has ton of upside . Which is why Winovich has 9 tackles, 2.5 sacks, and 3 TFLs in his first two preseason games. By setting the tone and proving that heā€™s ready to make an impact. Winovich has to be winning over the coaching staff. This doesnā€™t feel like a fluke either the former Wolverine should be able to do this against the starters as well. When you think about all of the great Patriots pass rushers like Willie McGinest, Mike Vrabel, and Richard Seymour. It almost feels like Winovich is cut from the same cloth and he should hold it down for years to come.

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Chase Winovich is the perfect fit for the New England Patriots system.

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