The New Orleans Saints need to get better at the wide receiver position if they want to win a Super Bowl before Drew Brees retires:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


Everyone knows Michael Thomas is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL but outside of him the New Orleans Saints are a little bit thin. Ted Ginn Jr. is the next guy in line but he was on injured reserve for a large portion of the 2018 season. When you have a great quarterback like Drew Brees he can mask a lot of those problems but the Saints should be giving their future Hall of Fame quarterback several weapons to optimize this small window they have. Once Brees retires New Orleans is going to be a long shot to win the Super Bowl and lets be honest his arm strength is already starting to fade. Which proves thereā€™s really two years at the most for this team to bring home another Vince Lombardi Trophy and that means theyā€™ll need to add another playmaker out wide. One guy that Mickey Loomis should be targeting is Arizona Stateā€™s Nā€™Keal Harry. Thereā€™s not many receivers out there like Harry and heā€™d be perfect opposite of Thomas. It will be tough for the Saints to pull off because they donā€™t have a 1st, 3rd, or 4th round pick. However they should still try to trade Treā€™Quan Smith and their 2nd round pick to move up and select Harry. New Orleans doesnā€™t want to get rid of Smith but if you trade anyone on defense then it would cause the team to regress too much. Plus Nā€™Keal Harry will replace any production that Smith wouldā€™ve had and then some. Itā€™s about giving up a good player to get someone who can be great. If the front office can add the right pieces in free agency and then start the season with Thomas, Harry, and Ginn out wide then Brees will light up any defense in his path. Thatā€™s a much better option than rolling with Thomas, Ginn, Smith, and Keith Kirkwood..

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The New Orleans Saints need to get better at wide receiver and drafting N’Keal Harry would be a splash for Sean Payton’s team.

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