New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Michael Thomas is chasing greatness. Thomas can be one of the best to ever play the game if he keeps maintaining his elite production:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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New Orleans Saints OTAs have been a Michael Thomas highlight real so far. Thomas has dominated every single player heā€™s gone up against and the former Ohio State standout has battled with Marshon Lattimore who is also a former Buckeye. The Saints hope these frequent head to head competitions between Thomas and Lattimore are going to result in both guys being the best version of themselves. Regardless though it appears Michael Thomas is going to end up getting his. The twenty five year old is a 6ā€™3 212 pound pass catching phenom who always seems to come down with the football. Thomas also shows no fear when it’s time to goĀ over the middle. The third year offensive starĀ does some of his best work on slants and post routes. Youā€™d be surprised how many players are timid when asked to attack that area of the field because thereā€™s always linebackers sitting in their hook zones waiting to deliver a big hit on any receiver who comes their way. Fortunately for New Orleans not only does Thomas excel in that part of the game, he also knows how to protect himself in those situations. Thomas has back to back 1,000 yard seasons and from the looks of things at OTAs there isnā€™t going to be a decrease in production anytime soon. Expect Drew Brees to rely on Michael Thomas as his first option all season long and itā€™s going to be extremely hard to stop that tandem. Both players are near the top of the rankings at their individual positions and together itā€™s a work of art. You have to give Thomas a ton of credit for the effort he’s given when it comes to perfecting his craft. You donā€™t become thisĀ consistent unless youā€™re seriously committed to becoming the best player you can be. Thereā€™s no question Michael Thomas wants to be great and heā€™s been showing it for a couple of weeks at Saints work outs.

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It’s clear in New Orleans that Michael Thomas is chasing greatness.

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