The New York Giants are scapegoating Eli Manning for all of their problems, it’s a reflection of how bad things have gotten in the Big Apple:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The New York Giants made a bold move by benching Eli Manning in favor of Geno Smith. While Manning is aging and getting to the point where he is starting to lose a step on the field, it’s hard to believe that Smith is a better QB than Manning. It’s pretty obvious that the Giants are placing blame on Eli Manning for the team’s shortcomings and that’s being really unfair to a player who has won this franchise two Super Bowls. Head Coach Ben McAdoo is basically looking past the fact that his defense is ranked number 31st in the league and placing the blame on a guy who has achieved so much more than he ever will. Not only did this move outrage fans around the league, former Giants players even spoke out about how poorly Manning is being treated. There’s isn’t another quarterback on the roster right now that can give New York a better chance to win and to think that Geno Smith is expected to do better is a stretch. Davis Webb might be able to take over this team someday but clearly the coaching staff doesn’t want to rush him too soon. Geno Smith did look better in the preseason than he has in previous years but Smith has a track record of throwing interceptions. If this team thought things were bad with Manning in the line up there’s a good chance all hell could break lose when Smith takes over the reins this weekend. What’s next for Eli Manning is unknown as well, the 36 year old could wind up playing for another team or retiring? It’s worth mentioning that the Giants former starting quarterback is under contract until 2019. However it feels like New York might move on from Manning in the off-season.

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