The New York Jets decided pairing Adam Gase and Sam Darnold would be the quickest way to transform into a contender:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The New York Jets have hired their next head coach and they decided to stay in the division. Once the final interviews were conducted it was former Dolphins coach Adam Gase who would wind up getting the job. Apparently one of the reasons why New York decided to go with Gase is because Peyton Manning served as a reference for his old offensive coordinator. Manning had a phone conversion with the organization and ultimately that gave Gase the boost he needed. This is somewhat surprising because Mike McCarthy was so adamant about joining the Jets. Clearly the Johnson family (Jets owners) werenā€™t as high on McCarthy as they were on Gase. And Sam Darnold is probably the biggest reason why. Darnold is heading into his second season and his development will be crucial to New Yorkā€™s future. With Adam Gase gaining a reputation as someone who has a great understanding of offensive x and os. It makes sense because the idea is heā€™s going to create additional opportunities for Darnold. If everything works out then the Jets will be dangerous once they get the right pieces around their young quarterback. Although there are some concerns when it comes to their new head coach. Gase didnā€™t have a great command of his locker room in Miami and Jarvis Landry said that he doesnā€™t take input from his players. Clearly those are two areas that Gase must work on if he wants to evolve from the coach he was with the Dolphins. Overall this feels like a ā€œB- grade.” Gaseā€™s past experience could help him springboard into a much better leader than he was in Florida. This hire wasnā€™t exactly a buzz generator though and it feels like the Jets settled for the Dolphins’ hand me downs. The good news is coaches like Frank Reich prove that sometimes a great hire can come out of no where. Maybe New York can make something out of nothing.

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New York felt like pairing Adam Gase and Sam Darnold was their best chance at success moving forward.

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