The New York Jets got the best free agent running back available by signing Le’Veon Bell to a 4 year $52M dollar deal. Sam Darnold and Bell will fly by defenses:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


The New York Jets needed Le’Veon Bell to make a decision quickly if the two sides were going to come an agreement and ultimately Bell decided that the Jets’ offer was too good to pass up. The former Pittsburgh Steeler and dual threat running back will head to New York to join Sam Darnold in the offensive backfield. What’s dangerous about those two is how versatile that group will be running and passing the football. Everyone knows what Darnold brings to the table and he’ll only get better with experience.

When you put Le’Veon Bell next to him it makes life so much easier for Darnold because Bell can take on such a heavy workload by himself. In fact Bell touched the ball an astonishing 742 times during his final two years with the Steelers. You can give him handoffs in any direction or throw Bell checkdown passes and he’ll usually net positive yardage. Those are plays that will help build up New York’s momentum on game day and make no mistake about it they’re a much better football team after this acquisition. Adam Gase is an offensive minded coach but it takes talented players to execute the coaching staff’s vision. We know now all options are on the table when it comes to the playbook and defenses will have to stay up at night game planning if they want to counter what Bell can do. After paying $52M to acquire the 27 year old running back Gase should give his new weapon 30 carries a game. That’s how you take the pressure off of Darnod and when those linebackers creep up it will open up those playaction passes. Everything starts with establishing a presence on the ground and then letting it trickle down from there. One thing is clear though the Jets are having a great off-season and this is certainly a splash for their organization.

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The Jets will fly by defenses with Sam Darnold and Le’Veon Bell in their offensive backfield.

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