Why newcomer Jabrill Peppers will pack a punch in the New York Giants secondary:

Photo credit: Joe Robbins / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

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The safety position is somewhat unique because those players line up 9 yards off of the ball and sometimes itā€™s hard to evaluate their impact.

Sure itā€™s easy to see when Eddie Jackson or Tyrann Mathieu intercept a pass but thereā€™s other things the last line of defense must accomplish. Whether itā€™s a touchdown saving tackle or flying up in run support those are plays that can change the outcome of games. Which is why Jabrill Peppers will be so good for New York. Peppers is an elite athlete and heā€™s exactly what the Giants need in their defensive backfield. Heā€™s very versatile and a big hitter. The former Michigan alum is also a willing tackler and youā€™ll see him get down and dirty on game day. This guy basically has a linebackerā€™s mentality but his athleticism is off the charts. Itā€™s so impressive that Jabrill Peppers can also double as a return man on special teams. So Dave Gettleman is smart for making Cleveland throw him in the Odell Beckham Jr. trade. It’s an acquisition that can provide some great returns and the Browns could regret shipping Peppers out. Especially if he has the breakout season that heā€™s capable of. Peppers is easily one of the most physically gifted players on the field at all times.

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Jabrill Peppers will pack a punch for the New York Giants defensive backfield.

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