Next Gen Stats confirm that Leonard Fournette is in a league of his own, Fournette plays faster than any other player:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Everyone in the National Football League is obsessed with 40 yard dash times but sometimes that doesnā€™t reflect a playerā€™s true speed on the field. One particular reason why is because each player is wearing around 20 pounds of padding (helmet, shoulder pads, leg pads). So on game day itā€™s all about who can carry those pads well and who can play the fastest on the field? According to Next Gen Stats no player in the NFL has been faster than Leondard Fournette. In fact Fournette owns the top two records for the season one where he ran for 22.05 miles per hour in week 5. The other was the following game (week 6) when Fournette hit 21.76 miles per hour. Obviously the Jaguars rookie running back has supreme confidence in the abilities he has developed over his lifetime. Another factor is Fournetteā€™s strength which allows him to simply play fearless. You would think the wide receivers on the list (Tyreek Hill, Marquise Goodwin) would have beat out Leonard Fournette. Both Hill and Goodwin ran faster 40 times with Hill running a 4.24 and Marquise Goodwin running a 4.27 compared to Fournetteā€™s 4.51. However itā€™s obvious that those 20 pounds of padding are much easier for Leonard Fournette to haul and that translates to a faster miles per hour speed. Thatā€™s such a huge weapon for the Jacksonville Jaguars and itā€™s been a big reason that team in Northeast Florida has been able to go from 3 wins in 2016 to 7 wins already this season. If Head Coach Doug Marrone knows whatā€™s best for his team he will feed the former LSU Tiger early and often. Fournette blends well with the Jaguars outstanding defense and that should be the recipe for success over the next 6 games. Remember Leonard Fournette plays faster than anybody in the league next time you check out a Jacksonville Jaguars game.

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