NFL boycotters are fighting a losing battle. Pro Football is here to stay and there’s no changing that:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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There seems to be more people choosing to hop on the boycott the NFL trend and it’s kind of absurd when you think about it. The National Football League was founded in 1920 and since then the sport has been rising in terms of popularity and revenue. People are acting like there’s a legitimate shot that they can erase the NFL but it’s simply untrue. We’re approaching the hundred year mark of pro football and that should tell you how strong the shield truly is. There’s 32 billionaires that are dedicated to making the vision work and that’s not including all the sponsors, season ticket holders, and fans who will support the league no matter what happens. It’s funny too because the only time the anti-NFL coalition gains any momentum is in the offseason. Once the games start to be played that bandwagon loses all of their passengers. There’s just so much action on the field and it makes for one of the best spectator events there is. It’s very unlikely the entertainment side of the NFL ever goes out of style and keep in mind the last 9 Super Bowls have each brought in over 100 million viewers . There’s no shortage when it comes to pro football’s following and when you also factor in that sports gambling is legal now too. It’s really going to add to the popularity of the sport because now fans can wager on their favorite teams every single Sunday. The NFL is heading in one direction and it’s upward. If that wasn’t true then the contracts wouldn’t be getting bigger and bigger each year. Not to mention some of the best athletes in this country choose to play football over any other sport. All of these facts and points tell the truth. The NFL is fine and they aren’t nervous about their future whatsoever.

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The NFL boycotters have no shot at overthrowing the league.

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