NFL free agency: The Detroit Lions put an emphasis on protecting the quarterback in free agency:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Detroit Lions show they can make an impact through NFL free agency:

The Detroit Lions were a playoff team last year and General Manager Bob Quinn wanted to build on that momentum. Quinn believes that the Lions best chance at winning playoff games is protecting quarterback Matt Stafford and that was clear when Quinn signed T.J Lang and Ricky Wagner. Wagner was the big splash signing for $47 million dollars but Lang is no slouch either. T.J Lang was one of the best guards in all of football last year and now the Lions will have a legitimate shot at neutralizing the opposing pass rush in 2017. That’s great news if you’re a Lions fan because Detroit has never had an offensive line that can impose their will on defenses. Quinn’s second year will boast one of the best offensive lines the Lions franchise has ever had and you have to tip your hat to the G.M for that accomplishment. Quinn laid the foundation by drafting Taylor Decker last season and all 3 of those players will be crucial in keeping Stafford healthy. If Matthew Stafford has time to scan the field he can easily be an elite quarterback in this league. It will be up to that offensive front to ensure Stafford isn’t under fire and truthfully you have to believe this group can get the job done. Offensive line is extremely tough because the pass rushers are so dominant in this league, however Decker, Wagner, and Lang are extremely competent. They know what it takes to have success at this level and they all can compete at that top tier level. Detroit usually has band aid players on it’s offensive front but not in 2017. They will have stars who can make adjustments at the line and deliver key blocks to help spring this offense. Detroit could be a lot of fun to watch next year they are definitely trending in the right direction.

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