NFL Sports Consulting: We have identified two week 1 picks that could win a lot of money for people wagering on sports

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Author: Jon Kuzma

There are sports handicappers all over the world that boast about their win percentages and great picks but Endzoneblog covers the National Football League 365 days a year. With week 1 approaching quickly youā€™re going to need a football expert on your side and thatā€™s why we are selling information about which teams are most likely to win when the regular season rolls around. If you havenā€™t noticed the season kicks off in just five days when the Patriots take on the Chiefs. We know a lot of you struggled last year with your NFL picks but that doesnā€™t have to be the case in 2017. Through extensive insight and research weā€™ve identified two games that stand out as highly probably wins. Keep in mind like all athletic events nothing is guaranteed but if you had to risk it all thereā€™s no doubt these two matches are the safest routes. Look we know youā€™re excited about football being back and we know you want to make it a special year. So why not trust the bright minds at to put you in a position to succeed and get a leg up on the competition. Donā€™t fall for the other websites that promise you the world, we arenā€™t in the business of selling anyone dreams. Instead we let our 20+ years of experience in the sport of football (former coach, general manager) guide our predictions. So you know you have a bright football mind in your corner who has gained extensive knowledge from real life experience. That helps pick the right winners and it can help put some money in your pocket!

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(Note*- you are downloading a word file that discusses two week 1 NFL match ups)

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