It’s no secret that the Miami Dolphins think highly of Baker Mayfield. Adam Gase knows Mayfield is his chance to right the ship:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Miami Dolphins want to walk away from this upcoming draft with Baker Mayfield on their roster. Adam Gase sees something special in Mayfield and even said they have “similar characteristics.” That makes it apparent that Adam Gase would like to bring Mayfield onboard if he can because the former Sooner QB in an x-factor. With starting Quarterback Ryan Tannehill returning from a serious knee injury Mayfield would be a nice insurance policy as a rookie. Ideally Miami would trade away Tannehill and start Mayfield from day one because that would help the Dolphins bring in some more talent around the former Heisman winner. If Miami picks Mayfield and he sits on the bench for a whole year that’s a waste of a potential starter at some other position. Gase doesn’t have time to wait around for Mayfield to develop because the Dolphins are coming off a losing season (6-10). When a coach has back to back lackluster years they usually end up on the hot seat or fired. The problem is we don’t know how much trade value Tannehill would get right now after missing all of 2017? That could ultimately cause this organization to draft another position but make no mistake about it Miami wants Mayfield on their roster. Teams have to be willing to gamble if they really want to climb up the NFL ladder. Trading your starting QB and then drafting a rookie plus starting him from the get go is definitely a risk. However that’s what it’s going to take to put the Dolphins back in the hunt. Gase picked up Albert Wilson and Danny Amendola to give the receiver position a boost. Which would be a perfect cast for Baker Mayfield to come in and have true success in his first pro season.

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