Oakland believes Kyler Murray is the best quarterback in the draft and they could make Arizona an offer they can’t refuse:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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No one has more draft capital than the Oakland Raiders and it’s possible they could use those picks to swing a deal for Kyler Murray. Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden believe Murray is worth the risk and it would be a splash for an organization who is trying to turn the page on their struggles. Yea parting ways with a couple of first round selections will be tough but if Murray pans out then Oakland will be on the cusp of a winning season in 2019.

It’s smart because the other guys in that locker room need something to reinvigorate their spirits. The Raiders only won 4 games last season and if something doesn’t change quickly then people will start to question Gruden’s methods. Mark Davis will try to avoid that at all costs after spending $100M dollars on his head coach. Not only would Kyler Murray provide a spark for this franchise’s offense but he’ll also help with the financial side of things. The fans are going to purchase so many Murray jerseys and it will drum up interest. On the field Murray can make an impact with his precision passing and ability to extend the play. After only scoring 290 points last season this feels like a solution to a lot of those problems. Everything should fall into place with better quarterback play and this decision could be a turning of the tides. Clearly it won’t be good news for Derek Carr but sometimes you have to do the best thing for the team. Besides Carr has had plenty of time to make things work and now some of his teammates are questioning his leadership. Gruden has been reading the room and he knows it’s time to go with someone else. Murray would head to the Bay Area and team up with Antonio Brown and it should result in instant fireworks.

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Oakland thinks Kyler Murray is the best quarterback available and they could trade up to get him.

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