The Oakland Raiders should have known better than trading a 3rd round pick for Martavis Bryant. They have no one to blame but themselves:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden has recently criticized Martavis Bryant saying the wide receiver needs to ā€œplay better.ā€ The Raiders traded a third round draft pick for Bryant this off-season and thatā€™s not exactly what Oakland had in mind when they gave up a valuable asset to acquire the troubled pass catcher. Based off Bryantā€™s poor track record Reggie McKenzie and Jon Gruden should’ve known better than giving up such a high pick. So while Gruden is blaming Bryant, the coach and front office have to hold themselves accountable too. Not to mention if Martavis Bryant is suspended again heā€™ll end up missing an entire year of action. Which proves there was just too much risk involved in this deal and the Raiders really dropped the ball. When a new regime takes over the last thing you need is an early mistake to tarnish your reign. Jon Gruden is known for being a very hands on type of guy and thereā€™s no way he didnā€™t have some input into this decision. Why would he let McKenzie pull the trigger on this agreement when the outcome was so easy to predict? The Raiders will now have to overcome the lack of production from Bryant by relying on Amari Cooper and Jordy Nelson even more. Obviously it would have been nice to have a third option behind those two guy who could also make an impact. Thereā€™s still a chance Bryant can be that player but he has to show a lot more at training camp. The other receivers have been playing really well and are starting to cut into Bryantā€™s reps. Therefore Bryant could find himself buried down the depth chart before we know it and that means either Ryan Switzer, Johnny Holton, or Seth Roberts will fill that role. Raiders fans have to be frustrated with Bryant but they should be flat out angry with McKenzie and Gruden because those two football minds have way too much experience to make such an ill-advised decision. Charity of the day: Prostate Cancer Foundation

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The Oakland Raiders should’ve known better than trading a 3rd round pick for Martavis Bryant. They have no one to blame but themselves:

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