The Oakland Raiders are throwing Jack Del Rio under the bus in hopes of landing Jon Gruden:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Oakland Raiders have made it clear that they want Jon Gruden but you have to question how this organization is treating Jack Del Rio? Even though Gruden is a highly sought after coach, itā€™s kind of unprofessional to publicly pursue Gruden while Del Rio is still in charge of the team. The Raiders should have done their best to keep their interest in the former Super Bowl winning coach private however the chances of that have clearly passed. To be fair Oakland plans on sticking with Jack Del Rio if they canā€™t land Gruden but you have to wonder if that relationship is damaged now? That could be bad news for this team moving forward if they donā€™t get Jon Gruden because now their current coach feels slighted by ownership. Obviously this team could part ways with Del Rio and pursue a coach other than Gruden if they really had to but this team is just one year removed from a playoff birth. A couple of solid off-season moves and the Raiders could be a contender again. Blowing the team up though would bring a lot of unforeseen changes that might not necessarily be positive. Clearly Mark Davis has no problem gambling with Del Rio and Oakland definitely believes Gruden is a step up as a leader. Thatā€™s a tough situation to be in if youā€™re the incumbent coach and keep an eye on how Jack Deli Rio responds? Even if the silver and black decided to stick with their current coach itā€™s clear he is on a short leash. Mark Davis is an ambitious guy and he wants to help his team but he has to make sure he is going about the business the right way. Right now it doesnā€™t seem like he is doing the best job of respecting someone who has given him a lot of hard work, time, and effort.

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