Does Odell Beckham Jr. deserve our praise for what he did last season? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


I think Odell Beckham Jr. deserves a lot of praise for what he did last season. You know it’s not an easy decision. When you decide that things aren’t working out. Beckham Jr. had a lot of friends on the Browns. So that wasn’t an easy decision to make. But he knew things weren’t working out. Which is why he had to make the best decision for him. Then he goes to the Rams. And sometimes this does happen in sports. You’ll hear a pop in your knee or you’ll twist it and feel a tear. But as an athlete. You’re a competitor. So you try to play through it. Therefore it’s definitely possible he played through a torn ACL. And for him to go on the run he did and cap it off with a win in the Super Bowl. You know the journey wasn’t easy for him. But he got the job done. That’s why we have to respect Odell Beckham Jr. for what he just did.

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