One-two punch. The Los Angeles Chargers have a loaded backfield with Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler:

Photo credit: Jason Miller

Author: Jon Kuzma

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So many NFL teams would be happy with one good running back but the Los Angeles Chargers are lucky to have two. Everybody knows about Melvin Gordon and what he brings to the table.

However the Chargers also got a huge boost from an undrafted player named Austin Ekeler. While Gordon is a physical specimen that combines power and speed while carrying the ball. Ekeler is a more explosive player who takes off very quickly. Together those two guys help this offense pack a punch and that should lead to a more balanced attack. Even though Philip Rivers is dangerous when he drops back he’s getting older (37 years old). Usually a quarterback’s arm strength will start to wane once they get into the twilight of their career. Therefore it makes sense that Los Angeles would hand the ball off to Gordon / Ekeler and let those two do some damage. Once Gordon wears the starting defense down then Ekeler can come into the game and provide a change of pace. That kind of depth is hard to come by and you have to remember they combined for 13 touchdowns in 2018. Gordon missed four games too so that number could be even higher if he stays healthy and Ekeler gets a little bit better. When you look around the league Sony Michel and James White are a very good tandem and Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray could be solid as well. However Gordon and Ekeler are rising fast and they could be the standard before we know it.

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Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler prove the Chargers have a loaded backfield.

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