With one week remaining in the season Blake Martinez has more tackles than anyone else in the National Football League:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Despite the Green Bay Packers failing to make the playoffs it looks like Blake Martinez will finish the season with more tackles than anyone else in pro football. Martinez currently has 138 tackles for the season which is 6 more than Christian Kirksey. As long as Blake Martinez has a decent game against the Lions the Packers LB should finish the year as the top defender in the league. Now if Blake Martinez has a bad night and Kirksey goes off the Browns linebacker actually could pass Martinez. However with everything youā€™ve seen up to this point it fees like the second year linebacker out of Stanford (Martinez) will finish the season strong. The Packers have a marquee player at the middle linebacker position and that will be crucial for this teamā€™s success in the future. Injuries really hurt Green Bay this past year but you better believe this franchise is going reload in the off-season and come back stronger than ever. Blake Martinez is such a huge piece of the puzzle because stopping the run is so fundamental in football. If the Packers can sign one other outside pass rusher to help Clay Matthews then this team will be all set at the backer position. Losing Julius Peppers really downgraded this roster but all of that can be turned around by signing or trading for a playmaker at outside LB. If Ted Thompson was serious about winning he would call up the Washington Redskins and find a way to land Ryan Kerrigan. This defense will be haunted by the ghost of Julius Peppers until they can get a player who can fill those shoes. Kerrigan is one player who can help the Packers turn the page. Could you imagine a 3-4 defense with Matthews and Kerrigan firing of the edges? Thatā€™s the type of play itā€™s going to take to win a Super Bowl and Blake Martinez would fit nicely in-between those two guys.

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