P.J Walker was the XFL’s biggest star on opening night. And because of that the Houston Roughnecks are 1-0:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The XFL has been resurrected and their product is better than ever. The play on the field was crisp and nobody shined brighter than P.J Walker. The Houston Roughnecks were able to knockoff the Los Angeles Wildcats 37-17 because Walker threw 4 touchdown passes. A lot of times with these startup football leagues (AAF, UFL, etc.) the quarterback play isn’t up to par. But Walker is exactly what Vince McMahon is looking for. In order to bring in viewers and build a fan base. The XFL needs story lines that compel the audience.

This league got a step closer to that after what Walker did against Los Angeles. It almost felt like you were watching Kyler Murray play. On one play in particular Walker was able to step up in the pocket and fire a 39 yard touchdown to Sam Mobley. It was exciting to watch considering this was the first time all of these guys have played together. And if Houston wants to stay out in front of the pack they’ll need P.J Walker to be at his best. Keep in mind each winning team will earn a $100,000 bonus too. So Walker has every incentive in the world to perform well. Not only will he earn more money. It also could be a path to the NFL. So far after week one those ambitions seem realistic.

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