The Packers would be foolish to rush Aaron Rodgers back, there’s just too much at risk:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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There’s a lot of Green Bay fans that are ecstatic about the fact that Aaron Rodgers has returned to practice today but the Packers should be extremely cautious. While it’s a good sign that Rodgers’ recovery is going smoothly this team still has to avoid rushing their franchise quarterback back too soon. The Dallas Cowboys found themselves in a similar situation back in 2015. Then Cowboys starting QB Tony Romo broke his collarbone in a week 2 game only to rush back for a week 12 match up towards the end of the season. Romo would actually go on to break his shoulder again and it just goes to show that sometimes these teams and their doctors don’t do a good enough job of looking out for their athletes. Green Bay wants to make the most of this year but the truth is the Packers are 5-6 and on a two game losing streak. Brett Hundley could get hot and knock off the Buccaneers this weekend. However you can’t expect a back up quarterback to elevate this team into a playoff contender, especially since Hundley has struggled for the most part. The Packers shareholders should be doing everything they can to prevent Aaron Rodgers from stepping back on the football field this season it doesn’t seem like that’s the case though in Green Bay. Everyone in Wisconsin wants Rodgers to comeback and put together a hero type of story. What the fans need to remember is these players are human beings which need to be treated with respect more than just the gladiator mentality and it’s up to the people running the league to make sure these athletes are protected from themselves at times. You would hope that the Packers do the right thing and tell Rodgers to shut it down for the year. Although it seems like the temptation of winning will cause Green Bay to go the other route.

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