Aaron Rodgers wants an opt-out clause in his next contract and that’s because the Packers have alienated Rodgers with poor decision making:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Aaron Rodgers has been quietly hinting at his frustration with the Packers for sometime now. Rodgers has subtly questioned Green Bay’s decisions to release Jordy Nelson and fire former Quarterback Coach Alex Van Pelt. Now the 2x M.V.P is negotiating more player control in his next deal and what that basically means is Rodgers wants more power in order to stay in Wisconsin. That way there is no more unexpected departures roster wise and in a lot of ways this will help Green Bay keep their starting QB in good standing as far as Rodgers’ overall happiness goes. The other part of the deal that has to be mentioned is the fact that number 12 wants an opt-out clause in his agreement. A lot of people are saying that this is because Rodgers doesn’t want a bunch of other quarterbacks to sign new deals and surpass him salary wise. However the opt-out clause is really just incase Aaron Rodgers gets sick of playing for the Packers and wants to try his luck somewhere else. The only reason Rodgers isn’t being truthful about that is because of the politics that comes with his role. Aaron Rodgers appreciates the fans in Green Bay and he doesn’t want to punish them because the organization is the real source of his resentment. Why would the 34 year old (Rodgers) risk his health if he isn’t fully onboard with how the Packers handling their business? Obviously Rodgers wouldn’t and that’s why he is fighting for all these extra privileges. Then if things aren’t done properly Rodgers can at least have an escape plan and go find a new home. Clearly that’s the reality of the situation and it seems like a lot of cheesehead fans are reluctant to admit it. Don’t deny the truth though the front office and coaching staff have tried to minimize Aaron Rodgers at times because they are threatened by his stardom. Rodgers is fighting back though by throwing his weight around and having his agent make some serious demands.

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Aaron Rodgers wants an opt-out clause just incase the Packers keep up their poor decision making.

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